Postcard written by Zemlinsky to Richard Specht, 11 November 1921. Even in Prague Zemlinsky was well aware of what was going on in musical life in Vienna. In 1921, when Richard Specht published an essay about Viennese Music and made no mention of Zemlinsky, he replied with a letter whose melancholy and ironic tone is typical of Zemlinsky's diction: „[…] it contains every name. Even those heard for the first time in this essay. (Probably also those one hears for the last time). The only name that is missing is mine. Throughout my entire life I have never complained about such things. Today is the first time. I do not understand the reason for this insult. Am I not Viennese? Not one of the truest in every respect? Is not the fact of being forgotten in such a case as this already proof of how I unmistakeably belong to Vienna? […]”