The Alexander Zemlinsky Endowment Fund can lend out a Zemlinsky Documentary Exhibition free-of-charge excepting transport to interested institutions like theaters, cultural institutes or museums which have the adequate exhibition space for it.

We request contacting us in a timely manner since there are only 2 German and one Czech versions available (s.kargl@musikverein.at).

The exhibition consists of 26 panels and is designed so that individual panels can be omitted for reasons of space without losing the overall context. 
Each panel measures 2 m high and 1 m wide, the depth is 3 cm. The panels can be hung or placed in part on plexiglass stands, which are a part of the loan (depth of stands:
54 cm). The weight of a panel is 3.5 kg.
The texts are in German or Czech; one panel contains an English summary.

Our homepage www.zemlinsky.at provides an overview.

In addition, there are accompanying pamphlets which we offer free-of-charge.

The exhibition has been shown up to now in Belgrade, Berlin, Bielefeld, Budweis, Erfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Plovdiv, Prague, Salzburg, Sofia, St. Gallen, St. Petersburg and Zurich.